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Updated: Apr 30

Making a Difference

Every animal in the universe deserves to be given a chance of survival, whether it's out in the wilds, natural habitats or within the comfort of a nice loving home.

If a person can treat an animal with contempt or cruelty, imagine how they would treat a human or a child! Sadly, not every cat or dog will get the love, medication, care they deserve, a roof over their head, food in a bowl, a blanket to keep warn, a conversation or fuss or even a short walk in the park. Not everyone understands the needs of a pet, but everyone can be a pet owner!

Fact! All animals feel pain! All animals have emotions. All animals cry!

Giving just £5 to the RSPCA by direct debit over 20 years helped to make a difference to pets brought into their shelter. Food and blankets can make a huge difference to how an animal is cared for.

Wrap your loving arms around a pet who needs to feel loved. Give freely your love and time to help an animal feel safe and protected from harm. There are many pets looking for good homes and good pet owners. Consider taking in a rescue dog/cat and making a difference to their life and their survival.

Finally, don't let animals fall into the wrong hands. Report animal abuse, no animal needs to suffer, only those who inflict pain on furry family and furry friends.

Concerned about a pet? visit the RSPCA website to speak to a member of their team:

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