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Terms & Conditions

By using this site you are agreeing to its Terms & Conditions as set out below

Terms & Conditions

Use of site & services

Readings: All readings that include personal face-to-face, Skype, telephone, email, text messaging and other types of contact communication with Carole Bromley will be asked to be pre-booked. In booking with Carole Bromley, you are declaring that any information you have provided when making a booking is true and correct. Any booking made with Carole Bromley for any type of reading, inclusive, but not limited to; public appearances through shows, personal face-to-face, email, Skype, Internet and telephone are for entertainment, educational, or scientific pre-consented and agreed purposes only. 


Readings in Person: Unavailable



1.1 Non-Face to Face Readings: All non-face to face readings include but are not limited to; telephone, Skype, email, text-messaging and Internet readings. To guarantee this type of reading payment must be made in full. Until such time the payment is made, Carole Bromley has the right to offer appointments to another person. These type of appointment’s are non-refundable. (Please see section 2.1.1 & 2.1.2 for further information on cancellations.)


Your Appointment: Your appointment with Carole Bromley will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, except whereupon permission is given to use information for anonymous or published genuine testimonials, including but not limited to any other publish related articles. The length and timing of the appointment is at the discretion of Carole Bromley. If it is appropriate for the session to end earlier than the agreed time, this will be at the discretion of Carole Bromley. If it is necessary, or appropriate for the length and timing of the appointment to be extended this will also be at the discretion of Carole Bromley -  with the fee remaining the same. Please note Carole Bromley endeavors to start on time, although there may be exceptions where a delay has been unavoidable. Any person wishing to terminate the session must do so no more than 10 minutes after the session has commenced and advise Carole Bromley at this time of your termination. 


Recording Equipment: No recording equipment must be used for readings unless written permission is obtained. Any personal, telephone, mobile phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or other technical forms of recording appliances must not be used for any public or Internet or demonstrations. To do so is a violation of these terms and conditions you have agreed to comply with when booking your appointment. Additionally, any recording or digital materials used for the purpose of public demonstration of publicity, private demonstrations, teaching or Internet exposure may also be deemed as a violation of terms and conditions are set out by this website and Carole Bromley. Any unauthorised digital recordings that are publicly used that may cause stress, loss of business, and including the professional reputation of Carole Bromley may be subject to insurance liability and a claim raised between Carole Bromley and Westminster indemnity insurance. Notepaper is supplied for all readings, workshops, classes and courses and where possible.


2.1.1 Refunds and Cancellations


Cancellations by the Client


2.1 a Client Cancellations


Should you need to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible, this helps to schedule other clients waiting to be seen and reduce the waiting list.

It is with regret no refunds can be issued following a cancellation. Neither can the deposit paid be used to secure an appointment at a later date. Future appointments require a  new  booking form together with a new deposit.


2.1.2 cancellation by Carole Bromley


Whilst every intention is made by Carole Bromley to committing to appointments, it may be necessary to cancel and reschedule the new agreed date and time. This may happen in the event of; sickness, travel, road and or and or traffic delays, car failure, family emergencies, grievances, or acts of God, or due to demand of bookings or unexpected work-load. No refund will be given in such events, instead, every effort will be endorsed to allocate the next convenient date and time for stop


Carole Bromley has the right to refuse any booking, application or participation of any person at her discretion to any event, included, but not limited to private or personal readings and public appearances. In such event, no monies will be refunded. or reimbursed.


Any agreement made with a client for the booking of any service through this website and Carole Bromley, is to comply and agree to the terms and conditions as set out here.


Your information is not shared with any third parties. Any information submitted through this website is not used or distributed to anyone else.   

*Please note: As the service provider, it may be unfortunate due to circumstances beyond my control that appointments may need to be rescheduled or cancelled without given notice. Should this eventuality occur, you will be offered a new appointment or refund in full. 

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