The one about the Rolling Stone! 

Dear Carole, I can't thank you enough for thehelp you gave me. I was so tickled with my sister, I was dancing around the bathroom singing Satisfaction! And the way you helped me resolve the issues with my mom I just can't help but cry for the peace and love that came through for us both. You have healed me and given me gifts of happiness and joy that I can never repay.

The one about the emotions!

Dear Carole, I got a lot more than what I bargained for and was not ready for one of the most emotional moments of my life! Years of tensions held on my shoulders were finally released! I return to Carole because of the comfort and love I feel and connection from the other side encouraging me, and the unlimately the clarity and confirmation as well as the accuracy.

The one about being very good!

Dear Carole, I found my reading with you very good! with lots of information that made sense to me. You said about keys being returned which my sister is about to do next week, also the details about my Grandfather were correct. It was also true aabout my friend having family problems and you were correct on this too. Thank you very much Carole, your very gifted.