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Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University, deceased)

What stories, events, emotions - no fiction can match the story of Carole's sister, the abject fear and terror of her youth, the casual disdain from so called intelligent people, and at the end, having learnt to adjust, managing her talents to the benefit of mankind. If you wish to disbelieve this book, you will succeed. If you have an open mind, this book will make you think. I am still thinking!" Professor Ray J Paul, author of Living with Parkinson's disease: Shake, rattle and roll (2009).

carole bromley


Thank you to everyone for the love we shared together

Professor Ian Angell
(London School of Economics)

 Carole is also a gifted 21st Century Medium who is highly acclaimed for her acute honesty in delivering accurate messages from the spirit world. Her togetherness and partnership in working with spirits is suffused with an unforced ‘naturalness’, showing us that our dear departed loved ones really are closer to us than we realise. Carole says that we all live in one world; she is completely at ease walking and working amongst them, and sharing her experiences. 

carole bromley

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Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University, deceased)

Before my father was admitted to hospital in the month of February last year, Carole told my wife that July 17 was an important date for us. We forgot about it, my father got worse, he died in June, there were several delays because the medical certificate was not filled in properly, and my brother came up with July 17 for a date significant to us all and that was the chosen day we decided on his funeral.

fay weldon

Professor Fay Weldon, CBE (deceased)

I found the book fascinating, moving and thought-provoking. There are more ways than one of looking at the world we live in, and Carole’s is a very special one”

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