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The Journey ... So Far

I was born in a little coal mining town in Tyldesley, Manchester, where playing on coal pits were an everyday part of life. Manchester was my birth place where I discovered I was not alone. Not by choice! Yet, it was here I began to hear omnipresent voices talking to me - through my dolls. My dolls had conversations with me. I was silly enough to engage in these conversations, which I was later to find were voices of the 'dead!.

As I didn't know the voices were of 'dead' folk. I was later to realise how it was a dead person who spoke to me of my sister's final 'goodbye.' A voice told me that 'I'd never see my sister again.' Sadly, I didn't. Christine and her fiance Colin died in a car accident New Year's eve 1970. A drunk driver at the wheel lost control of the car. I lost my sister who was my world. Though, Christine has never left me, in retrospect, she has given me a real purpose in life. She has helped me to understand and accept life is eternal. This is how I demonstrate the afterlife through 'Visitations & Conversations' from your loved ones. This is how I give you your own personal direct line to your loved ones.

Meet Carole

'Saying if For Spirit'

Carole first appeared and connected in front of audiences at the age of 16 when she worked as a presenter for her local radio station (Radio Hillingdon.) She is also an ex national and international disc jockey working for some top talent agencies in the UK and Denmark. As a seasoned psychic medium of three decades, she is still strutting her stuff out there to audiences who are ready and willing to connect to their loved ones.

Through her astoundingly accurate and empowering messages, Carole has a way that will make you feel like your loved one is standing right next to you. She will help your loved ones in the spirit world bring through so many memories for you through her conversations. Carole truly has an extraordinary ability to bring so much vigor in the amount of universal love, energy and healing when she works. When this happens, you know she is 'Saying it for Spirit!'

Saying it For Spirit

Helping to Heal On So Many Levels

Carole has been demonstrating and entertaining millions of audiences for three decades. Her sell out shows always bring an atmosphere of love and appreciation from her audiences. 

The evidence your loved ones bring through in their messages are a memory of what was, and what is now.  Connecting and communicating with your loved ones will make you laugh or cry. All this beautiful energy of demonstrations only adds to her long-standing experience of conversations with  dear departed loved ones. 

You can see Carole at work at her limited annual shows. Tickets are available only on this website (please do not accept tickets from people trying to sell on, especially if the event is organised by the venue)

Investigating Ghosts

Carole is no stranger to seeking out 'wanted' or 'unwanted' ghosts or spirits. She does it with professionalism and confidence. She knows that any spirit in any location is someone's mother, father, brother sister, son, daughter or other family member. All to be treated with utmost respect.

Investigating the paranormal can bring so many emotions of fear of the unknown. Often, it's not what you're dealing with but who you're dealing with. Carole will always do this by building up a conversation with the ghost, or spirit and having the desired outcome needed.

Her investigations have included some prominent locations. HMS Davenport Royal Navy (2005.) Syon Park house (2005-2007), owned by the Duke & Duchess of Northumbria several times and ghost tours over a few years too. Any many more locations to add to her extensive resume. Today, Carole is not actively investigating the paranormal, she much prefers to leave that to the 'young at heart!



Working at Brunel University spanned over 15 years. here I took roles as a PA to Professor's, Deans, Pro-Vice Chancellors and supporting senior academics. My last role over the latter five years' was a Project Manager to the European Commission. I left in 2013 because I grew out of the job - or the job grew out of me. Now I am committed and dedicating my life to working as a Psychic Medium, nationally & internationally.

Each and everyone of has the power to make a difference. Each of us can bring so much love to so many.  But, for God's sake please, stop watching the news - it's bad for our health!

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