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Why Do Our Loved One's Wait to Die?

Updated: Apr 30

Has someone passed away the moment you stepped away? Find out why this happens.

I have spoken to so many of you over the years as a medium about this very subject. I know so many of you have experienced this process too. I also know how so many of you have been utterly heart-broken this happened to you too.

You need to know that when you step out for that coffee, cigarette, bathroom visit or other that your loved one may not be breathing upon your return. Please do NOT blame yourself for not being there. Nothing could or would have changed. It was a process your loved one was waiting to happen - without your presence. For your loved one, when this happens, know it was an intentional wish for you not to see them take their last breath. They didn't want you to see them at the point of transitioning. They didn't want you to have this life-time memory of watching them die. For some, this can be a truly traumatic event. For others, no matter how much you want(ed) to be present please respect your loved ones dying wish.

Be assured your loved one did not make the transition alone. Their loved ones too would have been by their side for some time helping them adjust to releasing their soul from the physical body. This presence and comfort alone would have brought an immense amount of healing for your loved one. They did not die alone.

My father, god bless him passed without my being present. He was at home, I was in the next room. Yet, frustrated though I was, it was his wish to pass without my watching him.

Have you experienced this? love to hear your story in the comments below.

Carole xxx

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