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Spirit Visits

Updated: Nov 12

How will I know if someone is visiting me from the afterlife?

This is ONE of the most interesting questions as a medium I have been asked over the years. It is also one I am always happy to answer to bring awareness of loved ones visitations - which in turn brings healing to them and to you.

Know when you think of your loved one in heaven something unexplainable may happen right at that moment. Have you ever had that happen? I can tell you it happens a lot.

First, let me tell you your loved ones haven't gone anywhere. They are still very much alive and present, as they should be. Why wouldn't they want to hang out in a familiar place, let alone with family and friends who have loved them throughout their earthly journey.

When a spirit visits you, especially someone you love, you may feel emotional at that moment their energy connects with yours. You may feel cold or warm, this again would be their energy coming close connecting with yours.

Eye contact with a spirit is when you thought you saw something, or someone out of the corner of your eye. Maybe a figure, a shadow or black shadow. Have you had that experience? perhaps more than once? Have you gone on to dismiss this occurrence? I am pleased to tell you that you're not alone. So many people experience this too. I am happy to tell you also how this is a good indication you're not imagining things. Someone from the spirit world is watching over you and happy to be in your presence. This is their way of letting you know you are not alone. Their visitation is because you have been thinking of them, connecting to them through your thoughts, visions or reliving events connected to them.

Is it something to worry about? Absolutely not! Let me tell you if it was a bad spirit energy they would not only show themselves to you, but they would also be causing some elements of disturbance. I can put it this way for you - if you don't know you have a visitor from the spirit world it isn't going to worry you.

Carole xxx

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