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Help the Homeless

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Making a Difference

Since childhood and my time spent in sheltered housing I know what it is like to go without, to have nothing. I also know what it is like to be loved too. That's where each and everyone of us can show someone, somewhere some love.

Some of the fund-raisers I have been involved in (some current) are Help the Homeless Hillingdon Foundation. A cause close to my heart. Seeing people on the street's isn't often their choice. Those people have no shelter through the four changing seasons. Can you imagine what winter is like for them? How many of you rush home on a cold winter's night because it's cold outside? Some people have no homes, no family and nothing to rush home for. A blanket, hot food and drink, warm clothing, tents, phones all help to make life on the streets a little more comfortable.

Drugs and alcohol is a way of life for some homeless people. It helps them get through the days and lonely nights. Many are helped to rehabilitate through the professional network of agencies who are aware of them. Mobile phones help agencies to keep in contact with them, or should there be an emergency the homeless person is able to call the emergency services. Sadly, not everyone wants to, or can be helped.

At least those who can help, can at least try.

For further information on Help the Homeless Hillingdon Foundation please click their page on Facebook:

If you see a homeless person on the street, you can report them to Streetlink who will send someone out to check up on them;

To anyone and everyone who helps to make a difference - Thank You!

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