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Updated: Apr 30


I love abit of gossip! But, only if it's my own!

Here, I will inform you of events, shows, live social media broadcasts on Facebook & Tik Tok. I'm still quite the virgin at 64 on apps so please bear with me - please also follow me to show support. Plus, a little bit extra!

Look out! for my newsletters (free subscription) I send once or twice a month. Also, see Newsletters on my blog for further information. Promise, there are no spam or phishing mails reaching your box, only informative news. News, that you have signed up to receive. My advice to you is to spend your money wisely and don't be fooled by messages in mails promising a message for you, because there isn't one!

My aim is to update my blog as often as possible so please do keep checking back.

Always look on the bright side of life!

Catch you soon,


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