Carole Bromley
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21st Century Medium

“Carole is a gifted 21st Century Medium who is highly acclaimed for her acute honesty in delivering accurate messages from the ‘SpiritWorld’. Her togetherness and partnership in working with the ‘dead’ is suffused with an unforced ‘naturalness’. Carole has been developing on her two decades of experience in understanding the Spirit World, Spirit functioning, and Spiritual energy. That knowledge includes insights into scientific research and particularly how the scientific community relates and responds to psychic functioning.

Carole gives information that seems unnervingly accurate. She is totally without guile. A genuinely nice, decent person, who has a self-depreciating style, and an empathy with her audiences that adds a light touch to her demonstrations, and this sets her apart.” Professor Ian Angell, (LSE)


“Let me say right now that Carole is one of the most honest people I have met. Do I believe all this stuff? What is there to believe or disbelieve? Carole knows things I do not. She gives advice and seems unnervingly accurate.” Professor Ray J Paul, (Brunel University)

One heart, One voice, One Passion

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Experience with Carole at one of her scheduled shows. You will be mesmerised by her amazing accuracy, her sense of spirit in her humour as she shares memories though the visitations & conversations with loved ones from the Spirit World