Carole Bromley
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A Spiritual Relationship

Introducing me, a self-taught Psychic Medium. The psychic stuff came with me at birth. The mediumship gift was a blessing from Spirit. They, Spirit, trained me, not the other way around. I remember once actually telling myself, “if you can’t beat em, join em’. They, Spirit, head-hunted me. I’m glad they did as I realise how healing this work really is. I realise how Soul’s in both worlds need healing. We all need healing, even when we get to Heaven.

My mediumship abilities started at six years of age when I would hear omnipresent voices. At eleven years of age, and on New Year’s Eve 1970, the voices would predict the death of my teenage sister, Christine, together with her fiancé. They died in a car crash the same night as a voice told me, ‘Say goodbye to your sister, she’s not coming back’.

People don’t die. We don’t die. There is a big hotel in Heaven we migrate to. Our sub-consciousness lives on. Our memories together with our spirit live on.

I am also a Reiki Teacher, Past Life Therapist, Tarot Consultant, Soul Rescue Worker, Soul Healer, Soul Helper, Fund-raiser. I am also a wife, mother to three dogs, one cat and a keeper of a few fish. And I live with IBD.


Life is a Journey


I love my role, my job, my life as a Psychic Medium. and I love sharing my time with Souls from the Spirit World. They are my 'Priority'. They are the ones who come first and matter most to me. Whether you know it or not, someone is always with you, with us. Working as a Medium, I enable an opportunity for those we love to relive their memories through the messages they give. You see, the ones we love, they still have a need to feel loved and part of their beautiful family, in both worlds. I am an Ambassador and voice for the Spirit World. Each Visitation and Conversation I have brings memories and evidence of special moments that cannot be erased. Our love is eternal, that too cannot be erased.

We are kissed & Loved when we come into this world -

if we're lucky, we are kissed & loved when we leave