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A MUST read for those of you wondering about your loved ones in the spirit world.  This book will help you discover so much more about the abilities for spirit to communicate from the grave. 


No one stops talking just because they are 'dead.' They aren't dead! The messages in this book will prove to you our family and others are really visiting and having conversations with us. 


This book describes those in the spirit world who passed with a plethora of medical conditions. Some whom passed taking their own life. Loved ones whose evidential messages have left recipients surprisingly shocked at the detail in the messages. 


Visitations & Conversations was a book I needed to write to represent our deceased loved ones in spirit. I had a need to deliver messages from souls in spirit to their loved ones. I had a need to let so many know how their loved ones are so close and watching over them. Messages of hope, love and laughter. Above all, messages of healing souls in both worlds.


With the acknowledgement of my clients and those who helped me put this book together through my Visitations & Conversations, I am forever grateful.


Acknowledgements and thanks also go to Professor Ray J Paul (Deceased, Brunel University), Professor Ian Angell (London School of Economics) Tonya & Joey Madia (USA) Authors of 'Watch out for the Hallway.' 

Visitations & Conversations

Expected to Ship by End February 2024
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