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Looking for guidance? Need direction about a situation? Want to know if change is on the cards? 

Feel the time is right to connect to a loved one? 

Book in with Carole to discover more about searching for solutions, empowerment, healing or comfort.


Carole is here to guide you on your spiritual journey through accurate psychic, spiritual and tarot connections. Her mission is to provide you with clarity, insight, and guidance for a more fulfilling life. 

With thirty years of experience and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Carole has helped countless individuals find answers, heal emotional wounds, and discover their true potential. By tapping into her intuitive abilities, Carole can see beyond the physical world and offer you messages from higher realms.

Whether you're seeking answers about your love life, career, or personal growth, Carole is here to help. Allow Carole's compassionate guidance and psychic gifts to shine light on your path and bring you the clarity and peace you seek.

carole bromley


Availability can change weekly as more dates may be added. Be sure to check back!

All prices are subject to change without prior or given notice, except  prices for an order that have been accepted by Carole Bromley, Psychic Medium


INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: My client's connect with me from all over the world, China, USA, Shanghai, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Italy, France and so many other locations worldwide. For my international clients the time zone can prove challenging. That's why I ask you to please get in touch so a reasonable time can be arranged for us both. 

International Enquiry

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carole bromley

Professor Fay Weldon, CBE

The Living Spirit

I found the book fascinating, moving and thought-provoking. There are more ways than one of looking at the world we live in, and Carole’s is a very special one”

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