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One of the UK's Top National & International Psychic Medium

Carole is an experienced psychic medium and tarot reader with over thirty years of experience. She has dedicated her life to helping others by providing guidance and insight through her intuitive abilities. Carole's journey began at a young age when she discovered her unique gift and realized her calling to assist those in need. With a deep understanding of the spiritual realm and a compassionate heart, Carole has become a trusted advisor to many. Her passion for her work is evident in every reading she conducts, as she strives to empower her clients and help them navigate life's challenges. 


From Lancs to London

I was born in a little coal mining town in Tyldesley, Manchester, where playing on coal pits were an everyday part of life. Manchester was my birth place - where I discovered I was not alone. Not by choice! Yet, it was here I began to hear omnipresent voices talking to me - through my dolls. My dolls had conversations with me, which, I was later to find were voices of the 'dead! I never realised how blessed I really was until 'dead' souls made it possible for me to heal them through connecting to their loved ones they had to give up and leave behind.


Eleven years old and a voice told me that 'I'd never see my sister again.' Sadly, I didn't. Christine (18) and her fiance Colin died in a car accident New Year's eve 1970. A drunk driver at the wheel lost control of the car. I lost my sister who was my world. Though, Christine has left me in the physical sense, she has really never left me, though, she has given me a real purpose in life. She has helped me to understand and accept life is eternal. This is how I demonstrate the afterlife and healing through 'Visitations & Conversations.' This is how I give you your own personal direct line to your loved ones.

carole bromley

From Nothing to Something - From No one to someone - Life is what you make it! I found my purpose.

Working at Brunel University spanned over 15 years. here I took roles as a PA to Professor's, Deans, Pro-Vice Chancellors and supporting senior academics. My last role over the latter five years' was a Project Manager to the European Commission. I left in 2013 because I grew out of the job - or the job grew out of me. Now I am committed and dedicating my life to working as a Psychic Medium, nationally & internationally.

carole bromley

From D.J. to Resume

I first appeared and connected in front of audiences at the age of 16 when I worked as a presenter for my local hospital radio station (Radio Hillingdon.) From there, I pursued a career as a national and international disc jockey which saw me work for some top national and international talent agencies. I was head hunted to work in a most amazing country in Denmark. 

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