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This exclusive and indepth 12 Tarot Card consultation covers up to one year. This all inclusive dynamic tarot forecast will allow you to ask up to FOUR relevant questions. These all important questions that you are thinking about right now need answers to help clear the path for a smoother transition. Additionally, you will receive a summerized video of all the cards pulled during your consultation.


This 12 card spread is used to discover and get an insight from energies connected to your past, present and future journey. Remember, you can ask up to four questions that will allow the cards to build on answers that will offer a good foundation to you to receive positive and directional guidance.


THE PAST: Believe it or not the past is so important when it comes to reading the tarot. This is because the energy connects to your emotions, actions, situations  and life experiences form a story of your life. The cards from your past will show you what have learned and how you can use all these lessons to your advantage in manifesting a journey of your dreams. Remember, every day is a day you are learning about LIFE. Every day will teach how you can grow and develop with a better sense of living life to the full.


THE PRESENT: The cards chosen from your particular tarot deck will help me to focus on what’s going on around you at this time. It may be you find yourself at cross roads and need direction and guidance. These cards will help you to make informal choices and decisions in building on your future. The cards may also reveal what energies, situations, people, relationships, career or places you need to release and let go of, depending on your questions asked. It may be that you want to make investments for your future through forward planning. Perhaps you are considering new business ventures of opportunities to bring stability and wealth. What you do now in this moment is important for your future. Now is the time to foresee what possible challenges or obstacles lay ahead for you, and how you can navigate and put into effect an action plan. The present is an excellent time to harness energies of prosperity and wealth, mindfulness and wellbeing that brings a comfortable feeling of healing energies, peace, balance and a good insight into the future.


THE FUTURE: In a nutshell - is what you make it! Cards pulled will giver you an idea of your destiny. Though nothing is set in stone. You are in control of your destiny and everything you desire. The cards drawn from your past and present will be a connection to your future. They will indicate any challenges or obstacles you may face, or fear in your future. However, don’t misunderstand the fear elements as these will make you a stronger and braver person. Usually, when you work through your fears you will begin to feel safer, secure and perhaps can sleep better at night! The cards will indicate how you can work through your personal fears to your advantage. The future is a part of your life you will want to make good! It is part of your life where clarity and focus becomes more accessible when you have a vision.


You will also receive a FREE video of the cards drawn for your 12 month insight.


Discover your journey with love in your heart and hope in your soul.


All this will help to give you information which you can take on board should you wish to do so. The consultation will also perhaps offer you a new sense of options in making informative decisions and paving the way for enlightenment..


(Answers cannot be given to questions relating to Finance, Legal matters, Pregnancy or Health.) By ordering this service you are confirming to be over the age of 18.


Delivery time: Up to 5 days (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Refunds: Regrettably, no refunds are offered once your order has been placed. This is due to your order being processed right away. 




  • Regrettably, once your order has been placed and received we are no longer able to offer a refund. This is due to getting straight to work on your order. We do hope you understand and appreciate that every effort goes into delivering your order on time. Thank you.

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