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Hello & Welcome, here you can ask the Tarot cards your ONE important question with this easy to order online email reading.


I will draw one card for you as I repeat the question you asked into the energies of the cards.


Now, if you have something on your mind you really need some clarity and understanding of know how just one card can make alot of difference. Through connecting to the Tarot - I will be able to seek what it is that could help you in the answer to your question.


I will work personally on your question asked.  


BOOK NOW to be guided and inspired with the Tarot.


Delivery time: Same day or up to 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Refunds: Regrettably, no refunds are offered once your order has been placed. This is due to your order being processed right away.  (you will be notified which tarot reader if not Carole has consulted the cards for you.)


Tarot mail - the only positive guidance you need to hear right now.


(We cannot answer questions relating to Finance, Legal matters, Pregnancy or Health)

+18 only. For entertainment purposes.


Price Options
£2.99every month until canceled
  • Regrettably, once your order has been placed and received we are no longer able to offer a refund. This is due to getting straight to work on your order. We do hope you understand and appreciate that every effort goes into delivering your order on time. Thank you.

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