+18 Bill payers permission. Ent.only.We cannot answer questions regarding health, pregnancy, legal or financial matters. You may receive free promos msgs. To opt out please text "STOP" TO 60016


0330 114 0300  SP: InverOak.

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SMS cost £1 + std.ntwk rate
3 msgs in reply, (max £3)

Carole & her Professional Team of Psychics 

Helping you with an insight to your burning questions

Carole has engaged a team of some of the UK's top psychics to work alongside her. Her team will readily delivery psychic messages to your burning questions, whether you're at home, at work, or on the move.

+ your question to

+18 Bill payers permission. Ent.only.We cannot answer questions regarding health, pregnancy, legal or financial matters. You may receive free promos msgs. To opt out please call helpline: 

 0330 114 0300  SP: InverOak.

SMS cost £1 + std.ntwk rate
3 msgs in reply, (max £3)

Psychic Service & Help Desk 

My talented psychics are here for you to respond quickly in answering your text message questions on areas of love, relationships, family, work, career, future opportunities you may need guidance on. My team are all here to respond when they receive your message.

£1 per message/std network rate

3 msgs in reply

(please see terms below)


You may receive up to a total of 3 messages per response incurring a charge of £1 per message (160 characters) Once we reply you will be charged for this service.


First Time User:

When you use this service for the first time you will be sent a free text message from us asking you to confirm your name and date of birth (+18 only) with bill payers permission to use this service - for entertainment purposes only.


Regulations does not permit answers concerning; legal, health, pregnancy or finance.

Mobile Network Rates:

Standard mobile network rates apply when using this service - please check costs with your network provider.


Free promo texts may be sent to you. To OPT out text "STOP" 60016

It's important to us that you have a good experience using our psychic services. Below, we have put together some frequently asked questions that will help you.

Q. I haven't received a reply to a message.

It may be that you need to check you have enough credit on your phone. It is also a good idea to check you have a good signal and enough space on your phone to receive messages. Check too, you haven't been blocked from using premium SMS services, if this is the problem you should contact you provider and for the block to be taken off.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. You can receive up to 3 message responses per question that you ask us. However, please remember this type of service is a premium SMS service. The charges applied to this service may not be included in your phone network package. You must be over 18 years of age and have the bill payers permission. We aim to give the best possible readings when we answer messages.

Q. Are there any type of questions I cannot ask?

A. Yes, unfortunately, we cannot answer questions related to health, pregnancy or finances. Text message readings are ideal for quick questions, or suitable for those on the move. If you require a longer reading with Carole please book an appointment through this site.

Q. How quick is your response to messages?

A. Our responses are usually quic k ack to your phone. However, they can vary at times due to the number of people using our service. Please be rest assured we will get get back to you.

Please call our Help Line if you need any further information:0330 114 0300 SP:InverOak

Text Carole's talented psychics to get quick answers to your questions

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