Carole gave me a lovely reading last month and it was spot on so my brother went today and she gave him another amazing reading thanks Carole god bless. 

Julie x

Had a reading with Carole at a funday and it was spot on. She mentioned a couple of things i didnt get on the day but a couple of days later all the pieces fitted together. she even told me the number of the house i was born at. Carole is amazing . friendly . honest and a really lovely lady. Thank you Carole for all the messages and comfort you bring to so many people.

Jacqui x

I met Carole, for the first time a couple of weeks after my husband passed, Carole was recommended by a friend, I could not believe the accuracy of her messages to me, names, dates, conditions and the shock of it all. I hadn't had the funeral yet, but Carole gave me the message that my husband knew when it was and where he was waiting. I have seen her a number of times since and every visit gives me comfort that he knows all that is going on, Carole manages to give me this info in such a lovely and funny way! Carole is a genuine and lovely lady and I would absolutely recommend her to everyone. Would definitely recommend her, Carole is beautiful soul, one in a million! Val

Val x

Carole is just amazing, my first reading was a few years ago, face-time, she's just *real* no bull the real deal.

Trisha x

Thank you Carol u are amazing at what u do connecting with the Angel's above in spirit it is really appreciated what u do and bring a smile for grieving people like myself and others for messages from past loved ones. Thank you for my one card reading tonight live reading  I would deffo recommend you 💯 

Rachel x

We had an amazing reading with the lovely Carole, so accurate and blew us away at times with the messages given ( you will sit there and think how would someone have known that!). If you are looking for a reading from a true, genuine psychic then look no further. Carole is such a beautiful person and so kind, true love for giving readings not like some of the mediums you see out there. All I can say is book today! You will not be disappointed! Lots of love.

Sarah & Tracey xx

I have had a couple of readings with Carole and i cant recommend her enough, she has said things that i knew nothing about for it to then happen... I also feel like I'm having a full blown conversation with my dad which is amazingand there is lots of laughter.

Shelley x

She was so accurate. She made it personal and comfortable. Wanted her to carry on for hours felt like I was having a chat with my mum not through her.

Amanda x

Carole is a lovely lady. I have had a reading with her and she got everything right. My two daughters have had many readings with her and been to her shows and have come home in tears where they have received messages from their dad and my daughter louise from her little boy. She told us things that nobody would even have known about only us and my husband. I have recommended my friend from work and her sister and they had a good reading with Carole and said how good she was and got everything right.

Tina x

Carole is absolutely amazing, she is great with dates and months. She was spot on with everything. I saw her On one occasion I was pregnant, I never told anyone what I was having except close family but Carole got it spot on. She is so lovely and friendly and makes you feel at ease. My partner didn’t really believe in the spirit world when I first met him and after one reading with Carole he was convinced. 

Lulu Ann x

I met carole 6 years ago. I have had many messages and readings and always accurate and amazing. I now have the pleasure of calling Carole my friend.

Tracey x

Not only is Carole a lovely genuine lady, but her readings are incredible. I have seen her a couple of times, as has my mum, and the messages and information she gave us was so accurate.

Vivien x

Hi Carole you done a live performance on the 15.7.19 and you pulled a card for me. I just found you amazing Carole you were spot on with my reading as it was so true what you had felt from this card. I luv listening to your predictions as i find it very comforting and worth while. You're connection to the sprit would is just something else, your funny and a special person, very genuine. I feel I've been searching for some answers as been unsettled for a while and felt lost. But now I found you I feel there's a purpose in life that you have that incredible gift to be able to reach out to people. I would recommend you Carole, you;re very down to earth and genuine. Your gift is wonderful.

Karen x

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