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Client Validation


Carole, just wanted to let you know the guidance I got allowed me to make the decision I needed to make. Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you! Claire

SMS Help & Support (UK)

Talking on phones

Carole hopes for you that you enjoy this additional part of her service. Since so many clients kept texting Carole we decided to give her a very own text messaging line especially for her clients. Since so many clients needed a quick and honest answer to a question that needed an answer, this is the perfect solution.

Because Carole aims to please in all her services, please see in the F.A.Q list to the right some answers that may help you if you find you're in need of some SMS support.

If you still need help after browsing the F.A.Q  please call our helpline: SP: Digital Select Ltd  0330 103 999  (SMS UK only)

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