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I can, and do, see into the future. I don't know how but I can. I also know how my gift can and has helped people. My gift is an healing ability, and that’s how I use it. I empower, enlighten and entertain.


Mediumship is another natural gift I have been blessed to develop and have used for over twenty years. Through each Visitation and Conversation from both the ‘living’ and ‘dead’, I know how a healing process can commence in both worlds.

What is seen in both worlds through my mediumship is evidence of the memories left behind. What is shared through a Visitation and Conversation is evidence of a Soul’s survival.

I am a Medium, I connect memories in both worlds together with an abundance of love.


I have been studying and reading Tarot cards for 24 years. I consult the cards by looking back into a person's past, clarifying the present, and revealing future situations up to one year.

Each card has it’s own enlightening and empowering energies. Energies that are currently transitioning for the person I consult with.

No reading is negative - only positive. I give people hope when they see none. I remove clouds and replace them with the sun. I see, what is meant to be seen.


When visiting me for a reading, all I ask is not to have any expectations. Come with an open mind to feel the full benefit of an enjoyable experience. I’d also say, please don't come to see me if you have your own set agenda on what you want to hear. I can't, and won't guarantee it will be the same as the information I give. I can only tell you information I get at the time of the reading. However, in my experience, the truth comes from the heart, not the mind. Your heart, not just mine.

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