I can, and do, see into the future. I don't know how but I know it can help, especially with decision making. When I'm working as a Psychic, I use a TV screen in front of me. This is where I can see events unfolding. Or, another method I use is to hear about things that are coming up. Sometimes, we don't all want to know about the future, but I know there are many who do. Of course, anything future related in a reading won't make sense, because it hasn't happened - when it does, you heard it here first!



I have always had this thing inside her soul in wanting to make people happy.  I know how being 'Dead' doesn't bring happiness to those left to grieve. But, I do know how each and every Spirit Soul want their person's they departed from to be happy. No one would wish for a life of continued misery or heartache for someone they love, just because someone has had to step away from being in their life. What goes in both worlds is a reflection of the memories left behind, it is a power of energetic memories shared by each connection. I am a Medium, I connect these memories together with an abundance of love. I, am employed by God and the Spirit World to serve in both World's, because both World's matter to us all.





I have been studying and reading Tarot cards over 20 years. The first time I began to learn about the information they held was during lunch sessions at Apple Computer UK, and Personal Assistant to the Sales Director. My first real practice reading was actually with the Managing Director at the time, I remember how he called me into his office, for what I thought was a telling off, not to read his cards! Since then, I have grown to read the cards, which form a story of each person's journey. I read the cards by looking back into a person's past, clarifying the present, and revealing future situations with career prospects, relationships, finances, family, situations and events with great accuracy. I believe the energy held within the cards, when shuffled, can hold a lot of energies. These energies are the ones that are dominant in your mind. No one has a life that is perfect, or going to be perfect. Life has benefits, all of which can be accomplished through change, and a passion to change.

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I will tell you what I see as a Psychic, what I see, hear and feel as a Medium from disembodied voices, and give clarity and spiritual guidance through the Tarot cards. Please don't come to me if you have your own set agenda on what you want to hear, I can't, and won't guarantee it will be the same as the information I give. 

It is important when booking a reading you indicate which type of reading you would like. This avoids any misunderstanding or disappointment at the end of a reading when you ask if your great Grandmother has a message for you. She won't if you have booked a Psychic & Tarot reading. Prices are based on my service and not on the type of reading booked. All readings are the same price.

Example of readings range from:

Option 1. Mediumship - An attempt to connecting and demonstrate evidence of the afterlife by connecting to Family & Friends in the Spirit World

Option 2. Psychic Mediumship - An attempt to connecting and demonstrate evidence of the afterlife by connecting to Family & Friends in the Spirit World, plus a psychic insight into past, present and future situations and events.

Option 3. Psychic & Tarot Cards -  The cards will reveal past and present situations and events with  an insight into future energies, influences, obstacles and challenges. Psychic & Spiritual guidance will give an insight and support information of events and situations that have already happened, or could happen in the future.

Option 4. Psychic Mediumship & Tarot Reading - All of the above

Each reading will be Empowering, Enlightening and naturally, light-hearted with a tantalising twist of entertainment!


  • 1 Person £40, 30 Minutes
  • 2 Persons together £60 up to One hour
  •  Enquires to be made for more than 2 person's
  • Group reading up to 8 people Maximum (when available) are priced on location

Please note, single appointments are for ONE person only. There is a £10 charge for another person sitting in, with permission to do so.

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