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Size: 89mm x 146mm

Tall Tarot of the Guides (ToG) has been designed and created for beginners to advanced tarot readers. The deck represents 52 cards which portray 5 suits . These suits depict situations in our lives that we have experienced, may experience or experiences we may wish to avoid. Each suit indicates how the energies of Power & Protection (Black) Psychic & Spiritul (Purple) Love and Relationships (Pink) Healing (Blue) and Wisdom (Orange) can guide, direcdt, change or divert situations for the higher good.


Each card has been inspired with divine energies from my own personal guides. These guides range from spirit guides, angels, healing, wisdom and guides whose energies are used for protection. I even included inspiration from members of my own family in the spirit world to help.


Every card has its own speech bubble with an empowering message from its guide. The guide on each card will indicate the purpose of the message. i.e, power & protection, psychic & spiritual, love & relationships, healing, wisdom. Alternatively, you may want to accept the speech bubble as one of your own spiritual family or friend sending you the message. This is why Tarot of the Guides is so easy to use. You don't need to have any experience in reading tarot or cards as you intention is for you to feel the energies from the guide/s and put together your own vision and words around the message.


The look and feel of Tarot of the Guides, together with the beautiful colours chosen to enlighten and empower you make reading alot more exciting. There is nothing negative to read in the cards since the messages come from the intention delivered.



Tall Tarot of the Guides 52 Cards

  • We hope you do enjoy ToG. However, should you need to return them they must be in unused and not damaged. Any free gifts sent with your order must also be returned unused and not damaged before a refund is issued. Returns will be checked within 14 days of receipt. 

  • FREE postage for United Kingdom and N.Ireland only. For overseas orders please enquire by email to;

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