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Three important questions will give you deeper clarity and guidance with this easy to order online email reading.


Tarot Mail is a perfect way of seeking guidance to help bring clarity to your THREE important questions you are seeking guidance to. Three cards will be carefully pulled for you to cover the questions asked that will help to empower your questions asked. 


An email reading is such a great way of knowing how your confidentiality is looked after by Carole and her two trusted, personal hand-picked Tarot Consultants.  


If this is what you are looking for then BOOK NOW and be amazed by the magic of the tarot.


Delivery time: Up to 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Refunds: Regrettably, no refunds are offered once your order has been placed. This is due to your order being processed right away.  (you will be notified which consultant if not Carole has consulted the cards for you.)


Tarot mail - the only positive guidance you need to hear right now.


(We cannot answer questions relating to Finance, Legal matters, Pregnancy or Health)

3 Questions

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One-time purchase
Tarot Mail 3
Tarot Mail 3
£6.99every month for 3 months
  • This item is for THREE questions only. The answer will be consulted with the tarot.

    Thanks, we got this! Watch for the light coming back at you! 

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