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Gold Mail Tarot is a 10 card spread that is used to look at your past, present and future. Yoou can ask up to 4 questions with this type of spread. This type of spread will discover for you what patterns of energies you may be repeating. It will reveal situations that you may currently find yourself in that you want clarity or answers to in moving forward.


The tarot from all these cards together will provide you with an insight of areas to focus on that will bring an abundance of balance, harmony and love into your life. More importantly, will empower you to examine any changes that would prove useful and benefit you. I may also use a little insight from my spirit guide to seek future information that would prove useful to know.


All this will help to give you information which you can take on board. The consultation will also perhaps offer you a new sense of options in making informative decisions.


If this is what you are looking for then BOOK NOW and be inspired by the magic of the tarot.


An email reading is such a great way of knowing how your confidentiality is looked after by Carole.


BOOK NOW to be inspired


Delivery time: Up to 3 days (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Refunds: Regrettably, no refunds are offered once your order has been placed. This is due to your order being processed right away.  (you will be notified which consultant if not Carole has consulted the cards for you)


Tarot mail - the only inspiration you need right now.


(We cannot answer questions relating to Finance, Legal matters, Pregnancy or Health)

Gold Mail Tarot

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  • This is an email service only. Please ensure your settings are able to accept emails from this address. We'd love to help! Do notify us if you haven't received this service within the stated time frame so we can assist you further. 

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