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Mental Phenomena

Premonitions and predictions have been a strong ability of mine since childhood. I have always had a sense of knowing things before they happen. I know, it's mad! I'm sure you yourself have had many instincts where your gut gives you a feeling of something that is going to happen, then low and behold it does! I know, you probably amaze yourself too - if not scare the pants off you when your own prediction happens.

I cannot explain how or why I see things, only that I can. Being a psychic helps me to predict the future, often with great accuracy. And, often to the delight of those who use my psychic services. 

Marie: Hey! Carole - you told me about a job coming up for my son, Spot on!  You told me my boys would make up, but I thought they haven't spoken for two and half years now, it ain't gonna happen as nasty stuff was said by both. Guess what? They are only bloody talking now and going into business together. WTF! haha! I will say I never for one minute thought this possible. I feel like screaming for joy.  I must say WOW!

Ash: I had a reading from you a few weeks back and some of the things you said I can see happening now, You also said about someone looking for a job, which I related to my brother, well the perfect job has just come up so fingers crossed he will get it. Also, you mentioned the 28th which is also my brother's birthday (I had a mind block at the time of the reading)

Beth (my friend's daughter)

I've had the pleasure of having many readings with Carole over the past 12 years and more. She told me I was pregnant before I even knew it! She told me predictions that have come true. Carole is spot on!

Validated Visions



I have expressed my views about Carole before. To deal with ‘scientific’ discussion as an example, it would seem that holders of the latter approach to debunk mediums like Carole, because the scientists cannot get evidential recordings of any phenomena, and therefore the latter does not exist. It seems evident to me that most humans have five senses for picking up information. So what we can detect is only what those five senses can detect. If some of us had more senses (joke), then we could presumably pick up more. But this is a conjecture.

It is said that everything the brain does, accounts for a quarter of the volume. Nobody knows what the rest does, but any suggestions at the current time could only be conjectures.

When Carole has a meeting with a ‘believer’, she says a voice tells her things and Carole tries to express what she hears in words. Some of which may appear to be vague, but often relevant!

However, some is not vague at all. Before my father was admitted to hospital in the month of February last year, Carole told my wife that July 17 was an important date for us. We forgot about it, my father got worse, he died in June, there were several delays because the medical certificate was not filled in properly, and my brother came up with July 17 for a date significant to us all and that was the chosen day we decided on his funeral. What does this ‘prove’? Nothing! A lucky hit amongst numerous misses. Luck? As Gary Player replied when a spectator saw him get a hole in one at golf and shouted “Lucky shot”, “Yes, and the more I practice, the luckier I get.” And Carole has a wealth of practice.

Too many dates that like the one Carole gave cannot be known months in advance! Too much luck! Of course, Carole and others could be tricksters, looking you up behind your back, and surprising you with stuff no one else knows, you think. And since mediums are not often wealthy, they obviously put a lot of effort into organising such charades just for self-gratification. Therefore of course they are dishonest too. That’s now a lot of conjectures we have built up.

Do I believe all this stuff? What is there to believe or disbelieve? Carole knows things I do not. She gives advice which seems unnervingly accurate. I see her as a good friend. If people want the sort of advice she gives, I would recommend her. If a sceptic sets out to prove she is a fake etc. he will in his terms. Since the 20th century (of science?), people are looking for more in life than economic logic, the industrial-military push and pull of our societies, something that transcends mere conjectures. If you are one of these people, Carole is for you! 

Let me say right now that Carole is one of the most honest people I have ever met. She gives hearings hoping not to upset, as she skilfully explains what she hears.


To See What Future Insights are waiting for you

KIRBY: My sister and I had a joint reading with Carole. It was so much better then I expected. Both my sister and I was amazed. Carole was right with names and dates.  We passed a message on to our dad who did not believe in these things, but after hearing what was passed through it made him cry! Carole even told us (October, St Martin's Church and the name Daisy was coming through) both my sister and I didn't recognise anything substantial to this. It wasn't until we got home we saw an invite to a christening in October, at St Martin's Church by our cousins girlfriend Daisy!)  Thank you Carole, your words have also given us warmth to know our dear mum, nan and aunt are all together and no longer in pain x

Visions & Predictions
Light and shadows of bronze handmade Tur

Daryl: Carole has guided me with total impartiality to make some very important life-changing decisions – and her advice has always helped me more than I can say in words alone!  One particular reading stands out for me – she asked about ‘a lady who gave you furniture’ – I instantly knew exactly who she was talking about.  A dear friend and very much a sceptic when it comes to anything to do with ‘contacting the other side’.  Carole mentioned shoes and a lion.  This baffled me as this person is not a shoe person at all – and as for the lion – ‘that can’t be right’ I thought.   Anyway a few days later I mentioned to this friend what Carole had said.  Her jaw dropped!  At the time of the reading she was in her attic sorting out old shoes and had come across an old comic she had designed years ago which featured a lion as a central character!  As my friend and I were in separate houses in Devon at the time of the reading and Carole was on the other end of a computer  there was no way of rationally explaining that one away as something being made up! 

Rebecca: I've had a few readings now with Carole and she was spot on, even things happen weeks later that she said would happen she's brilliant!

Remote Viewing

Warren (Psychic Medium): You're such a beautiful and kind human. I'm so pleased that you had Cilla Black for me. I did two readings for the beautiful lady some years ago. Also, I treated myself to a junk box a few weeks ago and was playing 'Step inside' just before you read for mexxx. 

Me, Carole: During a FaceBook LIVE stream Warren, unknown to me in person came to visit. I was to find my mediumship connecting to Cilla Black and remote viewing at the moment he visited my page and LIVE stream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been Seeing Visions of the Future?

I have been seeing things connected to myself and others for as long as I can remember. 

When Do the Visions Happen?

There is no specific time. However, I can only translate the images I see, when I see them. This may happen mostly when I am working. Or, if spirit want to show me something that is important to me, like when I'm ironing!

Do You See Bad Things?

It's difficult to define bad, however, after my sister's death I don't see death too much. If I see situations that look difficult, I will change it to a positive.

Why Do People Want to Know About Their Future?

Some people want to know what's coming so they can prepare for it. Others, they would rather wait it out. Giving positive, or negative insights into the future can give better clarity and understanding to a person's journey. 

Is There Anything You Won't Tell a Person?

Does the truth help? I believe it does. It's not what you say, it's how you say it that can be helpful and beneficial.

How Does Your Visions Work?

Catch Phrase is a long running TV programme! I say what I see! I never know at the time of delivering a vision if it is in the future. Neither does my client, so we are both none the wiser!

Do People Believe Your Visions?

Too many people, including academics, police and celebrities have fed back evidential information of visions I have predicted. So, Yes! absolutely! 

Do You Get Visions For Yourself?

Yes! but on a need to know basis :) I've proved to be right (perhaps too good) in past experiments much to the annoyance of the people conducting it. I'm a Psychic, why shouldn't I give evidential information?

Can Anyone See into Future?

It's difficult to define bad, however, after my sister's death I don't see death too much. If I see situations that look difficult, I will change it to a positive.

What Things Do You See?

There is an abundance of information that people relate to which may sound vague during a reading, only for the evidence  to transpire. Information that even may have happened before they spoke to me, right at that moment they spoke to me, or soon after.

Can You Read People's Minds?

Ask the people who I had a day job with! They sat as far away from me as possible:) Yes! I can, but not during any experiments as it's a 'natural' phenomenom.

Have You Been Scientifically Tested?

No! I wouldn't volunteer due to knowing what I know about the scientific research community, and how the experiments can be set up to fail.

An open mind is a healthy mind