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carole bromley
carole bromley


Leap of Faith - Step 4

Signs & Symbols are often interpreted as visions. These are part of a message you need to pay attention to. 

We are shown signs or symbols as a quicker or better way of communicating. This 'Leap of Faith' will introduce you to a plethora of signs you could find yourself working with.

When spirit show you a sign or symbol it is up to you on the way, or how you interpret these images. Personally, my method is to 'Say what I see!'

carole bromley

Best Value

Step 4: Signs & Symbols



Every week

Sessions x 2 x 45 minutes

Valid for 2 weeks

Signs & Symbols - Interpretation

Identifying the language of Signs & Symbols

The importance of signs in messages

How to use Signs & Symbols to form your message

Asking for Signs from Spirit


Leap of Faith - Step 4

Visual images of signs and symbols is a method spirit use to tell their story. Memories of the past, present and where necessary, the future, can also be a way spirit wish to work with you. 

Signs & Symbols - Interpretation This step will help you to discover how working with spirit is actually very visual. As well as hearing you will be shown signs or symbols to use that form part of your conversations. Spirit also has a method of using dynamic ways of manifesting images. How you interpret these images will result in the accuracy of the message. However, no panic needed here since you won't be shown nothing you haven't seen before, or don't know about. All you need to do in developing your mediumship is form your method of interpretation. The methods you choose can then be introduced in a plethora of your messages that will make you understood by those you are working with.

Let's Get Started on the Next Step!

carole bromley
carole bromley
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