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carole bromley


carole bromley

International Appointments

My client's connect with me from all over the world, China, USA, Canada, Shanghai, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Italy, France and so many other locations worldwide. For my international clients the time zone can prove challenging. That's why I ask you to please get in touch so a reasonable time can be arranged for us both. 

Services & Availability

carole bromley


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My appointment hours are reduced in line with my commitments. Therefore, I more time slots may be  more availability weekly. Please keep checking back at the calendar, or use the LET'S CHAT bottom right to Whatsapp me at the  to get in touch.

Carole cannot answer questions to Health, Finance, Legal Matters or Pregnancy

Tarot Choose this reading if you are looking for answers to questions that help you make informed decisions, release ties to situations or people whom may be holding you back, or looking for guidance that will support the direction you are aiming towards. (Carole's readings are always positive and uplifting.)

carole bromley


Need guidance on the type of reading you need? Let us help you using the drop down menu below.

carole bromley


Professor Fay Weldon, CBE

The Living Spirit

I found the book fascinating, moving and thought-provoking. There are more ways than one of looking at the world we live in, and Carole’s is a very special one”

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