New for 2019

I know for many, 2018 would have taken from us those we loved. I know too, the first year without your special person, and years gone past, can be very difficult to navigate, let alone function. But, for one moment, for one moment I want you to sit peacefully and think about that person you love who has moved house over to Heaven. I want you to have a moments conversation with that person so they can really listen to your thoughts and feelings. I want you to know, from the person who visits you, that you are never going to be forgotten. I want you to know that the memories you are making now - these are the memories that your person will share with you whenever you feel like having a conversation with them. Whether it’s alone, or with me, someone, somewhere will remind you of something you have said or done. Embrace the moment you afforded to share with your person.

Visitations & Conversations happen to those who truly BELIEVE!


Carole Bromley