2017 - A Reflection!

No matter where you was, who you was with, what you were doing throughout 2017 you will have memories. For some, the year may have started off fabulously, whilst for others, maybe not so good. Many will be celebrating the end of a successful year, whilst others will be commiserating loss and people they loved. 

Every year I've been developing and working as a Professional Medium, I have wanted each year to improve. I have wanted to evolve to a platform where I can be content and happy. Whilst I haven't reached my dream, I'm still aiming high and working hard to achieve it. I am in a much better place than I was this time last year and almost four years ago when I gave up my job at the University. 

Because I have grown in my work over the years, I look back and reflect how I actually got to where I am today. And, bloody hell! hasn't it been hard work! I never got anywhere without creating it for  myself. I am proud to be right here where I am and serve both worlds. I am happy to serve you who believe in me and your loved ones in Heaven.

As I look back I remember all the people who have crossed my path. I offer thanks, love and gratitude to those who were there for me and offered their support. I have been truly blessed by many. 

2018 - Your turn! What would you reflect on? What would you wish to do better? What would you Change? Where do you see yourself this time next year? How much do you want to achieve your goals? What will it take to make you happier? Whatever you need to do, you can start anytime to do it. Why wait!

Anyway, 2018 really is fast approaching and I know it is a year I will continue to evolve personally and professionally. I will be letting go of the crap, the clutter, including people and enjoy each day I am blessed to do this work. Which, is far from being a job, it's my life, it's part of your life and your deceased loved ones lives. It's an opportunity to bring healing energies in every message I can deliver to both worlds, not just our world.

So, for me, 2018 is to continue to enjoy life and the people in my life. I am adapting a new stand alone strategy and framework to model myself on. I am looking forward to the New Year and many more new beginnings. One of which is the publishing of my new book!

I look forward to working with old and new clients. I look forward to working in new venues as well as past venues. Most of all, I look forward to bringing many messages with many memories to those of you who believe.

Happy New Year Friends & Family

Love xxx





Carole Bromley