Signs From Heaven

We can often miss signs from our loved ones in heaven. Often, we try too hard that can take us away from seeing a sign too. When loved ones want to let us know they are around some signs to look for can include, but are not limited to:

  • feathers falling in front of you
  • feathers spotted at that moment a loved one is close
  • A favourite song being played on the radio
  • A gentle breeze on your face, hands or neck
  • Tingling in your hair
  • Lights flashing
  • A number plate you are drawn to that is significant
  • Logos on vans or transport that are meaningful
  • The time on a clock you notice may indicate the time someone you loved died, or came to you in a dream, or appeared to you at that moment
  • Being drawn to certain foods in the shop that someone would have ate
  • Hearing someone call your name
  • Feeling you are not alone
Carole Bromley