People often ask me what I do to prepare for myself for a show, and do I get nervous at all.

Well, the only thing I do to prepare for a show is make sure I have had more than one bathroom trip! I make sure I don't eat too. I have been a long time sufferer of IBD and know only too well how that may interfere with my work. Then, I look at it this way, I am serving Spirit, people's loved ones and I have to remind myself I do this work for each and every soul in Heaven who will be reuniting with someone they love. No, I don't get nervous, but I do get excited. I get excited for the opportunity to bring hearts together through the many memories in the messages.

I never know who is going to knock on my door until I'm on the floor! Sounds crazy I know but it's the way I roll. Rarely do I get a stray soul who will try to get my attention pre=show. I prefer energy to be saved for the moment, so I can work in the moment.

 I was a DJ, nationally and internationally, from the age of 16, right through to my 30's. I love making people happy. I have always found a good way to mix spirits, whether on the dance floor, or in Heaven.

Carole Bromley