Kisses for Christmas

Christmas time can be a very difficult time for families. Especially those who have lost, or will lose loved ones, including furry family too. I know only too well the feeling of trying to cope when that person you love should be with you, eating Christmas turkey at the table with family. My own sister passed on New Year's Eve, my dad two weeks before Christmas with my mother in law preceding him by a week.

Yet, many of us go through Christmas without putting up a tree. Many of us will think Christmas is over because our loved one's aren't with us. A few will feel guilty in celebrating Christmas too. I want you to know, I have been there. I had my decorations up and my tree when my dad and mother in law passed unexpectedly. I had every intention of taking it down and putting it all away. But, I knew how dad liked his Christmas. I knew my sister liked her Christmas too, as did hubby's mum, who had written her cards to her family prior to her passing.

I hear it from our deceased loved ones time and again to put the tree up, cook the dinner, wrap the presents and enjoy Christmas, the season of good will. Because, they would still want to be part of the juletide celebrations. Our loved ones still want to be part of the family. Please, if you can, keep Christmas alive for them, don't take it away. It's a very special time for giving and for loving. God Bless you xxx

Carole Bromley