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Spirit (dead) people have been talking to me since the age of six. The voices I heard were normal, until I was 11 years old. Taking my experience from here please visit my page 'In Loving Memory' because she, my sister, is why I have conversations with your loved ones in the Spirit World. Because of her, I am proud to be a 'Medium' between our two worlds.


Developing mediumship isn't a five minute wonder. It is something you know you are passionate about. It is something you can do to help heal yourself, as well as those who lose a loved one, and of course, help to help spirit souls because they too are in need of healing. Just like spirit is an eternal life force, so is Education. It's a flame in your heart that lights up.


From the physical to the spiritual, it is all energy. The difference is that you can see the physical, but not always the spiritual. 

There is good and bad in both worlds. Sometimes, the bad can't always be explained - in any world! And, just as you would avoid negative energies in the physical, be careful what, or who you come against in the spiritual!


Bless ya! It's worth knowing how everything you believe is based on something you have either witnessed, or experienced. 


Nothing that has been experienced personally, or witnessed personally can be written about, or disputed!

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