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Carole's mediumship offers a unique opportunity to communicate with loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World. Losing someone dear can be a painful, but through Carole's gift, you can find comfort and healing. Connect with your loved ones and cherish the memories that you shared together.

Guided meditation is a powerful tool for achieving a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. By following the guidance of a trained meditation teacher, you can learn to quiet your mind, release stress and anxiety, and tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. With regular practice, guided meditation can help you cultivate greater self-awareness, improve your focus and concentration, and enhance your overall well-being. Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, guided can be a valuable addition to your self-care routine.

Carole is an experienced psychic medium and tarot consultant with over 30 years of experience. She has helped individuals connect with their deceased loved ones, provided comfort and guidance through their spiritual journey, and given astoundingly accurate psychic and spiritual readings. Her mission is to provide you with clarity, insight, and guidance as you navigate through life's changes and challenges. Carole uses her gift as a medium to see beyond the physical world and tap into the spiritual realm to help you connect with loved ones waiting to contact you.

Omnipresent Voices

Carole Bromley is one of London and the UK's well loved psychic medium. She has a huge global audience of client's, fans and follows from all over the world. All whom have connected to her through recommendations from so many.

As a seasoned psychic medium of three decades, Carole is best known and  loved for her empathy, healing and compassion. Her sense of humour is not just her own, but of that the spirit (s) she connects with. She has an extraordinary ability to bring so much love and healing that she flawlessly uses to souls and spirits between both worlds.


was born in a coal mining town in Tyldesley, Manchester. where playing on coal pits were an everyday part of life. As was Sunday school at the Salvation Army and a very noisy tambourine I used to bash above my head. Manchester was where I discovered I was not alone. Not by choice I can assure you!  Yet, it was here I began to hear omnipresent voices talking to me - through my dolls. My dolls had conversations with me, garbled mind but nonetheless, they spoke to me. 

Welcome, healing begins here!

I'm a true believer that my work is not just my soul purpose, but for the purpose of also helping others to heal.

Healing is a personal and responsible choice you make on your own. You just have to be ready to want it,  and to take that first step.

Ask yourself ...

Are you ready to have a visitation and conversation with a loved one in heaven? Did you know healing works both ways for you and your loved one when you have a conversation? 


Are there areas of your life you are looking to change but don’t know how? Do you need guidance through the cards to realign and balance your energies to make positive change? Or, to find answers that will empower your decisions now and in the future?

Stuck at a cross roads? Stuck in the same old 'been there, done it groundhog pattern?' Afraid to take risks? Looking for courage and confidence with a specific situation. Need blocks removed to help in moving forward and prioritising areas of your life you can actually change to make a difference.


Closing doors often lead to new opportunities - don't let that opportunity pass you by! Step out of the dark into the light. Magic happens to those who truly believe. Manifest your own magic through divine and spiritual guidance.

Carole is totally without Guile. A genuinely nice, decent person who has a mission to help others. Carole has a wicked sense of humour, a self-depreciating style, and an empathy with her audiences that adds a light touch to her demonstrations, and this sets her apart. or customer."

Ian Angell, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics

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