General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Under the new 2016/679 EU directive where ALL data is protected- This statement sets out how Carole Bromley is committed to protecting your on-line and personal (data) privacy provided, and/or submitted. In being transparent, Carole Bromley has duly set out examples on how and why I use your personal details (Data), and how your data is protected. Please read carefully the below policies.

Please read carefully to understand and be clear how I, Carole Bromley uses your personal (data) details.

Personal Information

Carole Bromley is committed to keeping all data (personal information that may identify you) submitted through this site private. All information you have provided on-line, in person, social media, text message or at public or private events held by Carole Bromley will be retained for the sole purpose of conducting business with you.

Personal Information collected:

  • Your name

  • Address (where applicable)

  • Contact number

  • e-mail address

  • Nature and reason for enquiry

Permission & Consent of Use of Data






Use of Data



Data Sharing










Data you provide which may identify you will be retained if you give consent. Where you choose not to consent, may result in information to services, news, events and change of valuable information that may affect how you contact Carole and use her site and services in the future. Permission to update, remove, amend your personal details is your right. This can be done through email sent to; privacy@carolebromley.comYou may be notified through an annual correspondence via email to remind you of personal data being held. If at this time you wish to remove, or have your data deleted please advise accordingly by replying to the data reminder.

By contacting me you are choosing to retain my services. Therefore, your details will be kept on file to enable fulfilment of business through your enquiry or booking. 

Where consent has been given to hold data, this may be used for business and operational purposes. These may include mobile phone text messaging, bookings, e-mail information to advise of upcoming events such as shows, demonstrations or fundraisers, newsletters, new book releases, merchandise or interactive events on social media platforms. 

Client confidentiality is paramount; therefore, your information is never passed on to, or shared with any third party. This includes the non-transferal of data outside the EEA. All information collected and used is for the sole purpose of contractual business between client/s and Carole Bromley only. 

Carole Bromley takes every possible precaution to prevent the alteration or loss of your personal data. Working policies and procedures have been put in place to keep your data secure. However, with all systems, information transmitted over the internet, or by personal hand-held devices no matter how many precautions taken cannot be guaranteed.  

As required by this EU directive, I am required to keep contact details of paying clients for accounting purposes for a period of six years.  

Carole Bromley does not disclose personal data without permission to do so, unless required by law.

Please get in touch by e-mail; privacy@carolebromley.comif you have any questions or concerns about how Carole Bromley uses your data, or to request a copy of data held on you.