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carole bromley

Don't believe in death - 

 believe in destiny & eternity!

Psychic Medium - Spiritual Mentor - Tarot Consultant - Reiki Teacher

Carole is an experienced psychic medium and tarot reader with over thirty years of experience. She has dedicated her life to helping others by providing guidance and insight through her intuitive abilities. Carole's journey began at a young age when she discovered her unique gift and realized her calling to assist those in need. With a deep understanding of the spiritual realm and a compassionate heart, Carole has become a trusted advisor to many. Her passion for her work is evident in every reading she conducts, as she strives to empower her clients and help them navigate life's challenges. 

Past Life regressionist - Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach - Paranormal Consultant

carole bromley

'Saying it for Spirit'

Connect to a Loved One

A World of Mystery

We Are All Part of This Amazing Mystical World

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the mystical world and the unseen. My journey as a psychic began when I realized I had a unique ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Through years of practice and honing my skills, I have become a trusted guide for those seeking answers and guidance. I believe that heaven is talking to us, and it is my mission to help others decipher the messages and find clarity in their lives. With compassion and intuition, I provide accurate and insightful readings that empower individuals to make informed decisions and embrace their true path. Discover the power of the unseen with me and unlock the secrets that the universe holds.

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Before my father was admitted to hospital in the month of February, Carole told my wife that July 17 was an important date for us. We forgot about it, my father got worse, he died in June. My brother came up with July 17 for a date significant to us all and that was the chosen day we decided on his funeral.

Professor Ray J Paul 
(Brunel University, Deceased)

I found the book fascinating, moving and thought-provoking. There are more ways than one of looking at the world we live in, and Carole’s is a very special one”

Professor Fay Weldon, C.B.E (Brunel University, Deceased)

Carole is a gifted 21st Century Medium who is highly acclaimed for her acute honesty in delivering accurate messages from the spirit world. Her togetherness and partnership in working with spirits is suffused with an unforced ‘naturalness.'

Professor Ian Angell

(London School of Economics)

Carole has garnered support from a multitude of esteemed individuals within the scientific community who attest to her authenticity

carole bromley

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