Carole has been sought out by celebrities from Film & reality TV for her professionalism and excellence in her connections to the spirit world. Clients have been astounded at the amazing accuracy in seeing into the future. Her celebrity list continues to grow amongst faces we know.

The University afforded me the opportunity to work through the roles of a Personal Assistant supporting many Professors. I even got an upgrade to personal assistant to a Dean, and a Pro-Vice Chancellor too no less! Not to mention my role as a Project Manager working for the European Commission before I handed over my hat in 2014. The year when Spirit employed me full time.



Never in my life did I think I would amount to much. I only ever wanted to do my mum proud, and I always hoped she was proud of me. Especially as I had grown up with my mum as a single parent of five kids, and shuffled through the sheltered housing system. Yet, I didn't do too bad in my last job I suppose, considering how I had no qualifications on paper to wave around. I may have feared many roles at the Uni due to lack of qualifications, but I muddled through, as you do!

My Gift

Since I was born I have had this extraordinary gift of hearing and seeing information. From the past, the present, to the future. I hear and see information connected to situations, events, including but not limited to conversations between people, or thoughts people have been processing.

I was six years old when a clown visited me from a world I didn't know existed, the Spirit Wor. It was a time when my plastic dolls had conversations with me. I could hear their voices talking to me. With three brothers and a sister it was normal to hear voices in our house.


My journey has been one mostly of self-discovery, if not all of it. I've learned to be strong when I was made to feel and look weak. I've learned to realise how life is what you make it, not what someone else wants you to make it - according to their beliefs. I've learned how a life-long experience of bullying can cause tears of pain, and how those tears can take away your inner power and destroy you. I have learned this most of my life because people have always been there to take away my happiness and my own made self-success at every opportunity. If there is one thing I learned, it's how people can no longer steal my true and genuine love for myself and others. Love is the only asset of strength that has fuelled my power and made me a stronger woman. 

When you listen and learn from the best,

you become the best!

"What stories, events, emotions - no fiction can match the story of Carole's sister, the abject fear and terror of her youth, the casual disdain from so called intelligent people, and at the end, having learnt to adjust, managing her talents to the benefit of others"

Professor Ray J Paul (Emeritus, Brunel University)


My World - My Work - My Life

Those Voices!

Honestly, had I known these voices talking to me were coming from beyond the grave - I may not have been so chatty with them! Good job I did though, I wouldn't be a voice, or an Ambassador for spirit had I not persevered. 

Eleven year's old a voice told me 'Say goodbye to your sister, she's not coming back." Repeating, "Say goodbye to your sister, you won't see her again." I never saw my sister or her fiancé again, they both died that very evening of New Year's Eve 1970. I learned to trust those voices in later year's when they became persistent again, because the voice  wasn't wrong when it warned me not just Christine, but her boyfriend too wasn't coming home.

My Resume

Reads like a mix between a shopping list and a bucket list! I've crafted and grafted my way through many jobs.However, the job that really made me feel like a free spirit was my crazy life as an international disc jockey. My first professional jock job came through Julianas Entertainment Agency, Kensington, London. I was soon head-hunted by Europa International, an agency based in Denmark. I lived and worked in Denmark during the 1980's. After tons of jobs, my career path eventually led me to Brunel University - where I spent an incredible15 years.

One Love - Helping to heal two worlds

Accessing the mysteries to your destiny

Psychic & Spiritual Guidance

Seeing clarity in situations 

Helping your loved ones connect with you

Opening up opportunities to positive change


Why Carole is one of the most sought after mediums in

London, Nationwide & International

  • Gives evidence of the afterlife

  • Follows your journey's past, present to see into your future

  • Amazingly accurate 

  • Kind & Compassionate

  • Works with love and passion from her heart and soul


Carole will put you at ease through her lovely calming humour. She will also give you an insight into your destiny through her psychic visions. She will clarify situations of importance, especially where change may be expected, and how to move forward positively on your path.  

Carole - really is 


I look back and see how far I have come in my efforts and understanding of the afterlife. I have learned to use my own style of  mediumship. I make sure I bring evidence that allows visitations and conversations with spirit when I am working. I make sure that information I get is significantly important to a person's event in their life, such as birthdays, anniversaries or passings. There may be dates or events that are, was, or will be significant or important to my clients. Important to their deceased loved ones, or people they know. I also interpret visions that will be meaningful as I connect to a person's future. My aim when working as a medium is to embrace the love as I seek evidence from the souls that communicate with me in the best way possible. Although, I know how anything can happen when I'm working with spirit. And, I know how some spirits have their own agenda - which may just give you what they think you should hear, rather than what you want to know!



Carole is truly a great psychic. She’s spot on with her readings but also a very sweet, caring, funny lady. I would certainly recommend her. Bless you Carole