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Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University)

“Something is going on out there and if you are curious about, this is a ‘must-read’ book. I challenge anyone to read this book, and then declare that it’s all made up. My reaction to this would be the same as Keynes in the following story. When asked what he thought of the review by Hayek of Keynes’ Treatise on Money, Keynes replied: “Hayek has not read my book with that measure of ‘good will’ which an author is entitled to expect of a reader. Until he does so he will not know what I mean or whether I am right” If you wish to disbelieve this book, you will succeed. If you have an open mind, this book will make you think. I am still thinking!”

The Living Spirit, One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits & The Living

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