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'Saying it for Spirit'

Self-Published Author

A MUST read for those who need to know more about the afterlife. If you are looking for answers on what happens to our loved ones when they pass Visitations & Conversations is for you. If you're looking to understand the development of mediumship and the battles that come with it The Living Spirit, One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits & The Living will give you a deeper insight.

Just the Two
Especially For You

Everyone Has a Vision

I had no clue how to go about writing a book let alone two but I succeeded! Thanks to one of the world's famous authors and playwright in Fay Weldon and a few good professors for their unequivocal guidance. 


From some of the UK's Top Professors

"It wasn't long after leaving Highgrove House (sheltered housing) and moving into our new home that Christine and her fiancé died in a fatal car crash. New Year’s Eve, 1970."

Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University, deceased)

“Something is going on out there and if you are curious about, this is a ‘must-read’ book. I challenge anyone to read this book, and then declare that it’s all made up. My reaction to this would be the same as Keynes in the following story. When asked what he thought of the review by Hayek of Keynes’ Treatise on Money, Keynes replied: “Hayek has not read my book with that measure of ‘good will’ which an author is entitled to expect of a reader. Until he does so he will not know what I mean or whether I am right” If you wish to disbelieve this book, you will succeed. If you have an open mind, this book will make you think. I am still thinking!”

The Living Spirit, One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits & The Living

The Living Spirit 

The Living Spirit

What you will Discover

Psychic Child


Haunted Toys

I Married a Sceptic


Haunted by Ghosts

Haunted Voices

Haunted Workplace

My Spirit Guide, Hannah

Haunted Messages

Haunted Internet

The Investigator

Beginners Luck

Spirit Behaving Badly

Things that go Bump in the Night

Haunted Mirror

Haunted Seance

Haunted Footsteps

Haunted Navy


Haunted Memories

The Researcher

A Belief System

Conversations with the Dead

Learning Lessons

When 'Spirit' Make a Difference

Known or 'unknown' it doesn't matter. If a story needs telling it will be told. If your story helps to educate people or give them food for thought, it doesn't matter how known or unknown you are. If your story helps others to heal, then your story is touching the souls of all the right people.

Visitations & Conversations


What you will Discover

A Different World

Disembodied Voices

Psychic Intuition

My Apprenticeship with Spirit

All Work and No Play

Employed with Spirit

Psychic Medium

Physical Mediumship

When Heaven Calls

Soul Helpers

An Orthodox Gift

Bound Souls

Suicide Souls

Knocking on Heavens Door

Dream Interpretation

Messages from Mum & Dad

Fake News! Good News!

Messages from the Morgue

Psychic Fayres

Helping to Heal

Show Time

The Show Must Go On

Tell Mum I Love Her

Just Popping Out

I Only Came for a Laugh

Grandads Poppy

Happy Halloween

My Old Man's a Dustman

Good News! Bad News! My News!


Naughty Nurse

Little White Box

The 13th


Shillings and Pence

God Smacked

Chapter 22 Magic Moments & Memories

The Lion, the Shoe and the Attic

The Kitten & The Clown

Reach for the Stars

Benny and The Jets

The House at 54


The Letter

Emotional Moment


A Few Home Truths

Good Advice

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Native Language

Reaching Out

The Messenger

A Wonderful Gift

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The 18th

On-Line Chat

Without a Doubt

Chapter 23 Predictions



Due Date

Science v Psychic Functioning

Signed Copies

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