About Carole


Believing there is an After Life is not something everyone has had the opportunity to experience. Yet, it is a life we will ALL get to experience - when our time comes.

This gift of sharing LOVE through my ability to work as a Psychic Medium is something I am proud to own. I'm proud to be a voice and Ambassador for Heaven and the Spirit World.

The gift of believing the soul survives the consciousness whereby Visitations & Conversations are very much a possibility - is something perhaps each and everyone of us will want to participate in, whether on earth or in heaven. We want to give our loved ones evidence of our survival - because we want them to know … they want us to know …

If someone in heaven visits you and has a conversation with you, then know how you too have been blessed with a special gift in listening to the messages of the memories being shared from that soul.

Yet, just like any other relationship, I like to get to know the other person/s who are holding a conversation with me. Through the memories being shared, we also laugh and shed a few tears. Most of all, we get the ONE opportunity to wrap ourselves in the healing blanket. A blanket that allows us to feel elements of comfort through the evidence that gives us permission for the healing process to being . But, more importantly, we always share this thing called ‘LOVE.’