When Heaven Talks
— Carole Bromley

I'm proud to be a voice and Ambassador for Heaven. Growing up with the residents in Heaven since six years old is something I have had to get used to. Our relationship hasn't always been a match made in Heaven either. It's been hard work, like twenty years! And, just like any other relationship, we had to get to know one another. This is exactly what I do now when I work with discarnate souls, we get to know one another. We share memories, have laughs and shed a few tears between us. But, more importantly, we always share LOVE. 

"Don't put off today what you can do for someone who matters most. That way, there will be no regrets when that person is no longer here, and no longer in your life". 
"Always have a positive attitude to YOUR life, that way you get to grow from your success, instead of wasting what could have been!"
Change ... is something to be appreciated, experienced, and lived through!

I love my role, my job, my life, and I love sharing my time with souls from the Spirit World. They are my 'priority' clients. They are the ones who matter most to me. We have to remember, we are not the only ones who lose someone we love, every soul in Heaven does too. My Spirit Guide Hannah, she tells me how Heaven heals everyone - but not everyone suffering the loss of a loved one can be healed. As a Medium, I can help both worlds heal when I bring them together and be their voice. This, is the start of a healing process for everyone.