Carole Bromley
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A Spiritual Relationship

After the voices told of my sister's impending death on New Year's Eve, 1970 I had every right to question the voices. Both my sister and her fiancé died that same night, in a car crash. A voice told me I wouldn't see her again, nor would she be coming back. Because of this, in later year's, I needed to get to know more about Death and Dying. I needed to know if 'Dead' people really could communicate. I got my answer, 'Dead' people really do communicate, they aren't 'Dead', they are alive and kicking and enjoying staying close to us. They enjoy communicating with us, and are thankful when we do, because they still have a need to be part of their beautiful family, in both worlds. 

Hearing disembodied voices since the age of six was natural for me. I was happy as a kid 'hanging out' with these omnipresent voices who were always whispering to me. It made play-time fun! I didn't know these voices were coming from  'Dead' people. If I did,I may not have been so keen to form a friendship with them.

My relationship of developing and working with Spirit Souls has grown over twenty years. I am blessed to be able to reach out to receive information, and evidence, of our loved ones survival in the Spirit World. I am grateful to each Living Soul who reunites to bring memories in a message to someone they love. 


Life is a Journey


I love my role, my job, my life, and I love sharing my time with Souls from the Spirit World. They are my 'Priority' clients. They are the ones who matter most to me, and to you too. We have to remember, we are not the only ones who lose someone we love, every soul in Heaven does too. My Spirit Guide Hannah, she tells me how Heaven heals everyone of their 'residents'.  As a Medium, I can and do help both worlds heal when a reunion takes place and I can be their voice. This, is the start of a healing process for everyone. This is a memory and a moment of eternal love that cannot be erased.


We are kissed & Loved when we come into this world -

if we're lucky, we are kissed & loved when we leave