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I didn't want to write a book, let alone two! I didn't want to be an author either, yet here I am a proud author of two amazing non-fiction books. Being honest though, my writing skills are exactly how I speak! Anyway, I thought I couldn't let others go through the battles I have embraced as a psychic, wife, auntie, woman and medium. I wanted to help others get a better understanding of living life with an extraordinary gift. I wanted people to know that the choices you make in life are yours. It's important you experience and embrace your choices without conflict.

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fay weldon


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Visitations & Conversations

Messages from the Afterlife

When I had an idea to write this book I knew I needed to give others information about death and dying. I didn't want people to be afraid of dying, instead to embrace it as part of their journey. I wanted to show, how, in other people's words the evidential messages from loved ones in spirit really can bring comfort and healing.

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My Story

How? Where? When? Why? Questions I have asked myself many times over the years. 

How is it possible our conscious mind has the ability to live on after death and communicate with us? Where does spirit communicate with us when they want to attract our attention, or simply have a conversation? When can spirit visit us? talk to us? Why? Why me? why not you? 

Believe me, I never got the answers, not even when I researched the researchers in 'paranormal' field. I just know there is nothing wrong with my brain, or the brain of millions of others who experience paranormal phenomena. Gosh! the NHS would be busy if this was true! It's a personal experience that cannot be repeated should you be blessed to get a message, see a spirit or ghost, feel someone is with you, or those signs you keep seeing and you know in your mind who is sending them. Trust me, You're not mad - as some would have you believe. 

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